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Technological Revolutions and Safety in Archaeology

Google Earth Google Earth has made it easy to see, explore and engage with sites of interest all over the world. This tool helps identify sites of interest, and creates initial analysis before anyone even steps foot on site. LIDAR LIDAR is an acronym for Light Detection and Ranging Technology. It helps


The Tools of an Archaeologist

Archaeologists use many different tools in order to perform their digs! Here you will find some information about those tools. Excavating Tools A pickax or mattock is useful for loosening hard compressed soil and earth. Shovels and spades allow archaeologists to remove large portions of debris. Other items that are used in


Great Archaeological Discoveries

The Baby Disposal A small group of archaeologists led by Ross Voss were exploring the sewers beneath a Roman bathhouse in Ashkelon, Israel when they made a gruesome discovery- an abundance of baby bones. It appears that it was used as a mass grave site but it is not confirmed how or