Archaeology and History Around the World

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  • A Brief History of World War One

Here you will find interesting facts about World War One, also known as The Great War.

  • The Radiocarbon Dating Technique

The discovery of this dating technique marked a pivotal change in how professionals conduct archaeology. Thanks to this new technology, scientists are able to give an accurate date of an artifact up to fifty thousand years old.

  • Ethiopia Then and Now

Ethiopia has a rich history and is one of the oldest countries in the world. Not only is it the birthplace of rudimentary Christianity, but it is believed to be the home of the Ark of the Covenant.

  • Amazing Archaeological Mysteries

Unbelievable unsolved archaeological questions with some very fascinating history.

  • Newfoundland Labrador: Canada’s Eastern Province

Learn all about the most easterly point in North America. Geographically vast with a small population, this province is a desirable destination for any history buff.

  • Women in History

Acknowledging and celebrating the great accomplishments of women in history. Women’s rights activists, freedom fighters, educators and athletes all make this list!

  • The Tools of an Archaeologist

Every archaeological dig requires much planning and preparation. Here you will find a summary of the types of tools and equipment used by archaeologists. From garden hoes to dental tools to makeup brushes, there is a diverse array of fine tools used in this profession.

  • Great Archaeological Discoveries

Some of the world’s most profound discoveries can be found here. It is through these amazing findings that can build and expand understanding of the world and civilization.